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August 10, 2010 by Daniel

Today, the Shadelab team interviewed Rosa Robles, a tenant at the SRO building on Division.  Ms. Robles, a native of Puerto Rico who used to live in Skokie before moving into the SRO building in 2008, remembers the day when she saw the sign of the LUCHA program that invited her to a home for her and her daughter. She approves of the SRO building for many reasons. She says she likes the building for its security and that she is rejoiced to have her own privacy. It comforts her to be able to leave and enter the building without anyone’s consent.

She did not have much to say of the neighborhood where she lives, except that it would be much better if the liquor store nearby were replaced by a fitness center or something more positive. Although she does not have a job at the moment, she is working to get back on her feet for herself and for her daughter. She says she is blessed to have a disability support at times like these.