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August 10, 2010 by Daniel

Ever since he couldn’t pay the rent that kept rising at his old apartment, Haniel Troche has been living at the SRO building. It’s been two years now, and he says he is glad he found out about LUCHA just in time when money was becoming sparse. He is retired from being an engineer at a bread company and now lives off of his disability and retired income.

Mr. Troche, born in Chicago and one of 20 siblings, has lived most of his life in and around Humboldt Park and does not have second thoughts about this great neighborhood.
He says that although there are many gangbangers, which are very bad, there really are no problems here.

Mr. Troche has no complaints of the SRO building. He says he does not spend much time at home since he leaves early morning and comes back late to sleep. Therefore he does not see his neighbors, but says they are”ok”. He says he only has visitors once in a while, since he believes bringing people over creates problems. Instead, he likes to go out and visit his kids.