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Where are the children?

July 09, 2010 by Nelida

Two playgrounds, both well equipped with numerous slides and colorful handle bars. What’s missing? The children.

Von Humboldt Elementary School has two playgrounds that are open all day for children to play at. However, there are hardly any children there. The Shadelab team was curious and decided to investigate. We started taking temperatures of different areas in the playgrounds. What we discovered was jaw-dropping.

We went on a sunny day and put our thermometer on the slide of one of playgrounds. The temperature was a whopping 115°F! This had to be the reason why children don’t play there! But after actually speaking with one of the children, we found out that the playground is not a popular hang-out spot for several reasons. “It’s too hot, too dirty, teens urinate on the slides, and there were shootings here recently,” said one of the kids.

Is there a way we can change the negative attitude that is associated with the playground?

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