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Smartluck #3: Erin and Joey

July 14, 2010 by Jeisson

ShadeLab’s third weekly SmartLuck gathering led to a whirlwind of ideas brought to light, and select changes to the Shadelab goal being produced. For the meet, Joey Nakayama of Project H Design and Erin Koch were invited to help with our newest challenge. In addition, Krisann Rehbein of the Chicago Architecture Foundation, and Norman Teague who teaches architecture in Clemente high school also joined us in tackling our challenge.

To begin, Erin Koch quickly told the group about when she went to Tanzania to gather information for the AIDS Foundation and Northwestern university, and explained how she did her best to notice every detail about the environment and the procedures being followed in the hospitals, finding useful data in every experience. Later on, Joey Nakayama informed us of how he gathered information on the way newborn children are taken care of in hospitals. He outlined the process he went through to solve the problem of impractical and dangerously handled tools in the hospital, such as how they are handled precariously on top of non-planar objects and how they don’t clearly display essential information about the baby being fed. He took all of this information and wrote it all down in order to place the entirety of the data on the same wall, where he was then able to make connections. These connections later became bubble diagrams, which became direct goals, which became solutions. At the end of the presentation, Erin showed the group a short summary of how the design process follows, starting from asking ourselves what the problem is, to figuring out who to ask for help, and how to manage our data.

After the presentation finished, everyone was split into three subgroups, where we faced specific questions for the team to answer. Our general question was “How do we ‘sift’ and ‘sort’ this information so that it is useful but also considered ‘valid’?”. Working with Joey and Erin, we learned a lot about the design process and ways of improving the Shadelab team’s data gathering methods.


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