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Smartluck #2: Shannon and Karen

July 07, 2010 by Nelida

Our second Smartluck was held in the office today, with Shannon Downey and Karen Kranz as our guest speakers. The topic today was “Designing a Social Media Plan.” At first, Shannon gave a presentation about Pivotal, a company that’s committed to “designing, planning, and producing events that will have everyone talking.” In other words, they are great at putting a project out there so that people know about it. After her amazing presentation, the team divided up into groups to discuss ways we can get people interested in what we are dong.

We brainstormed for about half an hour and came up with some brilliant ideas. Some examples include getting the Humboldt Park community involved by setting up a system where residents identify “sick” trees and replace them with ones of their choice. Another idea was to put up trash receptacles or set up a “Clean Up Day” where residents can help clean up and polish their neighborhood. Everyone’s contributions were exciting and we hope we can actually make some of them happen in the coming weeks.

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